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2a0512b7/chad atkinson xp build main JPG

Four-day XP Falcon wagon thrash build

An Easter long-weekend thrash by a bunch of good mates brings a languishing project to fruition

9a661007/subaru brz eyesight jpg

Subaru WRX, BRZ manuals to receive AEB; Toyota GR86 likely to follow

Potentially life-saving autonomous emergency braking tech – mandated in Australia from 2025 – will be added to manual Subaru BRZ and WRX sports cars

45860ddd/volvo ex30 dash jpg

The new Volvo EX30 appears to have taken some notes from Tesla

The new baby electric SUV sweeps its functions into a central portrait screen – but with research to back up the decision

48de1b35/driving with apple vision pro whichcar australia jpg

Apple Vision Pro: Is it legal to drive when wearing VR or AR glasses?

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset might have you wondering if it is legal to use augmented reality devices when driving in Australia

d28b10d4/ford falcon body swap 2 jpg

XP Falcon coupe body swap onto an EL Falcon chassis

How to turn two rusty Ford Falcons into a low-buck fun machine over a four-day long weekend

Ev Buyers Guide Byd Atto 3 21 Interior

BYD Atto 3 software update brings Android Auto, joining Apple CarPlay

The BYD Atto 3 has received Android Auto via an over-the-air update, after Apple CarPlay was added to the electric SUV in January

bf2f0a6b/toyota logo jpg

Toyota confirms some Australian owners affected in unprotected data event

Toyota and Lexus owners in Japan have had their vehicle data publicly available for the past decade, with some Australian Toyota customers impacted.

8b040f8e/ls1 front drive kit png

Australian-made LS accessory drive solutions that work

The team at Queensland workshop Heavy Metal Garage is designing and building LS accessory drive solutions that look great and fit like a charm

b97909f5/2023 f 150 lightning lariat off road 08 jpg

Ford boss admits huge EVs 'will not make money'

Ford boss says making massive EVs isn’t a sustainable business; confirms new large EVs

39961674/230413 2023 mazda cx 5 gt sp suv srawlings 10 jpg

2023 Mazda CX-5 and CX-8: Android Auto update now available

Android users can finally gain access to smartphone connectivity in their new Mazda SUV

a34e1488/bmw wall box charger power pack 1 jpg

EOFY: BMW Australia introduces electric Power Pack offer

BMW is sweetening the deal on its iX3 and iX xDrive 40 electric SUVs, as part of an end-of-financial year offer

0ee37b0b/renault 5 concept battery 3 jpg

When do EV batteries need to be replaced?

How long do electric car batteries really last? Spoiler: it’s much longer than many think.

0ee37b0b/renault 5 concept battery 3 jpg

EV Battery Types Explained: Pros & Cons for Electric Car Power

For now, electric car batteries are differentiated mostly by Li-ion and LiFePO 4, but what’s better for your needs?

Flame Main Jpg

Are EV batteries more dangerous than petrol?

Videos of battery fires continue to bring the crash safety of EVs into the spotlight, but should you be worried?

3e5e0dd8/wheel tech vpw jpg

Upgrading your wheels - what you need to know

Upgrading your car's wheels is one of the simplest ways to improve looks and performance, but do your homework first

89d57446/2023 volkswagen vw id4 0009 jpg

VW boss talks profitable small EVs with Spanish production

Volkswagen’s CEO has hinted at what its small entry-level ‘affordable’ EVs will look like

b1e6099a/2023 volkswagen id 7 camouflage 19 jpg

VW's new RWD electric motor promises efficiency and performance

The German carmaker will soon launch a new-gen electric drive unit that aims squarely at Tesla

ZF Transmission 8 Spd Plugin Hybrid 1

Automatic for the people: The story behind ZF’s eight-speed gearbox

Heard about the transmission used by Bentley AND Rolls-Royce? Audi AND BMW? Here’s how ZF bridged some intense rivalries

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV 10

General Motors to ditch Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

America's biggest carmaker has revealed it will remove the ability to project Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its next-gen models, in favour of a connected system it can better monitor – for revenue purposes, of course

Tesla Model 3

New battery for Tesla Model 3 could give 700km driving range

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is set to gain an upgraded battery later this year, according to the world’s largest EV battery supplier

2023 BYD Atto 3 Long Range COTY SUV 230131 N Jacobs WHLS COTY 1401 HR

BYD app connectivity launches in Australia, available to all Atto 3 owners

BYD has added smartphone connectivity in Australia, allowing owners to check their vehicle and control various features remotely

Tesla FSD

Tesla: Musk overruled engineers on removing safety tech, former workers claim

Former Tesla employees allege a poor workplace culture and Musk leadership style has led to the development of ‘unreliable’ safety assist systems

Hyundai Automatic Charging Robot 1

Fill 'er up thanks: Hyundai unveils 'Automatic Charging Robot' for electric cars

Ridiculous? Not so fast... the Automatic Charging Robot will be perfect for avoiding terrible weather, and drivers with reduced mobility will be glad

4 X 4 Australia Gear 2023 Outdoor Gps Devices 2

Best outdoor GPS devices in Australia in 2023

There’s no need to get lost, with our selection of the best satellite-assisted terrestrial navigation tools for hiking, biking and more