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Street Machine Features Welding Tech 48

2a0512b7/chad atkinson xp build main JPG

Four-day XP Falcon wagon thrash build

An Easter long-weekend thrash by a bunch of good mates brings a languishing project to fruition

d28b10d4/ford falcon body swap 2 jpg

XP Falcon coupe body swap onto an EL Falcon chassis

How to turn two rusty Ford Falcons into a low-buck fun machine over a four-day long weekend

8b040f8e/ls1 front drive kit png

Australian-made LS accessory drive solutions that work

The team at Queensland workshop Heavy Metal Garage is designing and building LS accessory drive solutions that look great and fit like a charm

3e5e0dd8/wheel tech vpw jpg

Upgrading your wheels - what you need to know

Upgrading your car's wheels is one of the simplest ways to improve looks and performance, but do your homework first

Street Machine Features Engine Building 28

How to rebuild your engine

Grenaded your motor? This is how you rebuild it

Street Machine Features Welding Tech 60

The basics of welding

With the right welding gear in your shed, your projects will soar to new heights

Street Machine Garage Safety 33

Workshop safety tips

When it comes to slinging spanners on cars, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Here are our tips to help you stay safe in the shed

Street Machine Features Bog Filler Part Two 1

Bog filler tips part two - how to apply

In part one we looked at the types of bog available. This month we focus on how to apply them

Street Machine Features Bog Tech 1

Bog filler tips part one - different types and when to use them

There are different kinds of bog for different tasks. Here's what they're made of and when to use them

Archive Whichcar 2019 05 19 Misc Miltech Airbags

Everything you need to know about airbags

While airbags are proven to prevent serious injuries and save lives, they can also be pretty dangerous, so it’s important to know how they operate

Street Machine Features Pro Touring Fabrication Workshop 2

Inside Pro Touring Fabrication's workshop

Pro Touring Fabrication is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the Aussie car-crafting scene

Street Machine Features Workshop Set Up 4

How to set up your shed to build a project car

Set up your shed to tackle a project-car build without wasting money

Street Machine TV Ryobi Carnage 9

Beginner's guide to must-have automotive tools

If you're just jumping into the street machining hobby, you'll need tools. Here's our guide to all the hardware you should buy to make a magic ride

Street Machine Features Workshop Hacks 2022 043

Ten nifty workshop hacks

If you're just getting started with working on cars, here are some top workshop hacks to help you overcome the common problems you might strike

Ryboi Grinder

The best 18V angle grinders in Australia

We check out the best 18V angle grinders on the market in Australia for 2022

Street Machine Torque Wrench 4

The Best Torque Wrenches in Australia 2022

Everything you need to know about torque wrenches

engine id guide

Engine ID guide - Ford, Holden, Chrysler & Chevrolet

An easy guide to spotting classic street machine engines

Street Machine Features Trailer Tech 056

Choosing the right car trailer

How to pick the best car trailer perfect for your needs

Street Machine Features Trailer Tech 087

Tech: the basics of car-trailer towing

We run through the basics of how to load, fasten and tow your street machine

Street Machine Features Billet Block 1

Tech: Billet blocks - what makes them so special?

As new billet blocks for the Holden V8, Barra six and Cleveland V8 hit the market, we take a dive into what makes them special

Street Machine Features Bolt Together Converters 040

Tech: Bolt-together torque converters

What is a bolt-together torque converter, and why would you run one?

Street Machine Features 2021 Warhorse Guard TECH 13

How to stretch guards for extra tyre clearance

If you want to hang with the big-tyre gang, first you've gotta stretch those guards

Building a diff
Drag Challenge

Building a diff that can survive Drag Challenge

Almost anyone can make bulk horsepower these days, but transferring it to the tarmac is another matter. Here’s how to build a killer diff for your Drag Challenge car

Street Machine TV Carnage Haltech I C 7 Dash Into Supermang 19

Video: Putting a Haltech iC-7 dash into Supermang!

Scotty adorns the VN with a brand-new Haltech iC-7 as he gets it ready to go racing!