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07cf1d03/2025 kia gt1 electric sedan rendering whichcar theottle 01 png

Kia 'GT1' EV: 450kW Stinger successor rumoured & rendered!

The Stinger could be coming back… in the form of a long range, electric-only GT.

ae1f096a/2023 byd atto 3 suv blue 59 jpg

BYD to launch EV ‘Megastores’, servicing & delivery centres in Australia

BYD’s Australian distributor will grow its retail and aftersales to meet increasing demand en masse.

bb9e0a0d/2023 tesla model y v tesla model 3 5 jpg

2023 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric car prices slashed to new lows

Electric car brand Tesla has cut Model 3 and Model Y pricing in Australia, with savings of up to $6395

6f021b4f/ampol ampcharge mirvac ev charging hyundai ioniq 5 jpg

Ampol EV chargers head into the shops

Fuel giant Ampol will enter shopping centres for the first time with its AmpCharge electric vehicle network

6492137c/mercedes benz eqb australia 34 jpeg

Victoria EV tax rises for 2023-24, as EV rebate ends early

The state will increase its controversial EV and PHEV tax again, as it abolishes its EV rebate reportedly early.

c5730ab0/2023 kia niro review mike stevens 24 jpg

Chargefox pricing trial shows huge fluctuations in cost to users

The South Australian Government wants EV owners to charge during the day – but it’ll come at a cost if you can’t.

a9300933/20221204 mike stevens 2023 bmw x1 xdrive20i review 86 jpg

2023 BMW X1 pricing and features for Australia

BMW's small SUV has also spawned an all-electric variant, with both models set for an Australian launch – and now we've driven both

b3f40965/volkswagen beetle tall 1 jpg

VW rules out new Beetle, working on $30k ID.1

The iconic Beetle won’t be coming back, but the German automaker is committed to launching other affordable EVs.

18d211d4/2024 polestar 2 ev cropped 01 jpg

2024 Polestar 2 pricing and features

The updated Polestar 2 brings a host of major changes to rival the Tesla Model 3 – but prices are up

915314cb/aston martin lucid announcement jpg

Aston Martin and Lucid team up for future EVs

A strategic plan between Aston Martin and Lucid has been announced

f8fd162b/2023 cupra born front rear quarter duo jpg

Cupra Born EV drives demand for Spanish brand

Swell in Australian orders driven largely by BEV and plug-in hybrid vehicles

d16d109e/2023 byd dolphin group 01 jpg

2023 BYD Dolphin pricing and features: Full details

The BYD Dolphin is Australia’s cheapest electric vehicle, with pricing and equipment on par with similarly priced petrol hatchbacks

e5451104/2023 byd dolphin europe 03 jpg

Australia’s cheapest electric car: 2023 BYD Dolphin pricing announced

China’s electric vehicle price war has moved to the $30,000 field, with the BYD Dolphin stealing the MG 4’s thunder – but only by $100

b77809f4/coty 2022 weighing hyundai ioniq 5 jpg

Hyundai EVs under the spotlight for brake regen safety, Ioniq 5 power loss

Consumer Reports has found most Hyundai group EVs don’t turn on the brake lights when using stronger regen braking modes.

c5af0a21/tesla charging jpg

Charging: How Tesla will stay profitable, even without top-selling EVs

Here’s how the popular American brand isn’t just earning money from making cars and selling carbon credits.

a63c099e/2023 mg zs ev suv comparo with byd att 3 16 jpg

2023 MG ZS EV pricing and features: Base model Excite axed

Simplifying its range, MG has removed the base model ZS EV Excite

7a6e89f3/2023 hyundai ioniq 6 dynamiq sedan mar 2023 27 jpg

Hyundai confirms electric ute, diesel Kia Tasman twin unlikely

Hyundai plans to sell two million EVs annually by 2030, with an electric ute confirmed in its latest roadmap

e3d910d5/2023 mg 4 electric hatch 02 png

2023 MG 4 electric hatch pricing: Full line-up detailed, now below $40,000

MG has confirmed full details for its MG 4 electric hatchback

b23b094e/volkswagen arteon 1422 jpg

VW to discontinue Arteon, focus on EV growth

The upmarket VW Arteon will no longer be produced globally, as the company aims to maximise profits.

abf10964q88/volvo v60 cover main jpg

Volvo is an SUV brand now... but the wagons are safe!

Scalable EV architecture – and a whole dose of lovely heritage – will be the saviour of Volvo’s estate cars

ca8b1501/2024 volvo ex30 whichcar australia 16 jpg

Volvo – an almost 100 per cent recycled car is “theoretically possible”

Volvo’s aiming for more and more recycled materials in its cars. How far can it go?

45860ddd/volvo ex30 dash jpg

The new Volvo EX30 appears to have taken some notes from Tesla

The new baby electric SUV sweeps its functions into a central portrait screen – but with research to back up the decision

c6e00aac/chargefox lead jpg

Westpac offers free charging with EV loans

Big bank Westpac will offer free limited Chargefox charging with a new EV finance loan

c86c0a9b/toyota sports ev jpg

Electric Toyota GR sports car in the works

The Japanese carmaker has confirmed that a high-performance all-electric GR model is in development, but it remains uncertain whether it will become a reality

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