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Since Street Machine was founded in 1981, we've featured over 1500 customised Holdens from the very first 1948 FX to the final VFII Commodore.

303312da/trent walke vl grudge kings jpg

427ci twin-turbo VL: WALKE

First-time drag racer Trent Blainey runs eights on debut in his wild, 1800hp Walkinshaw replica

c1c0153f/nick samuel vl calais bonnet up wm jpg

1000hp Harrop-blown 440ci VL Calais

Nick Samuel threw lashings of gorgeous Candy Raspberry paint and 1000hp of blown LS grunt at his genuine VL Calais. This is the result

8705185f/giovanni inturrisi lc torana bonnet up wm jpg

1TUFGM: RB30-powered LC Torana

A classic mid-sized Aussie muscle car stuffed full of stove-hot Japanese six-pot is a sure-fire recipe for a good time

93070fc1jTi/turbo lc torana gtr jpg

Turbo 202-powered LC GTR Torana

Jeremy Cullen's GTR Torana has had a turboed 202 for over 20 years, but now it's been dragged into the 21st century

0dc819e1/young gun zach gallahar vk calais front angle 2 jpg

Young gun Zach Gallahar's VK Calais

16-year-old Zach Gallahar blew minds at Summernats 35 with his powerhouse VK Calais

c2951543/greg eslick hq monaro bonnet up wm jpg

The badness: Greg Eslick's HQ Monaro

With an LS3 up front, Greg Eslick's black-as-night HQ coupe is a Summernats Top 60 stunner built for the street

Street Machine Features Holden Hk Brougham Wm

Peter Fitzpatrick's Broomstick HK Brougham - flashback

Looking back on the multiple Summernats Grand Champion award winner's first iconic build

Street Machine Features Glenn John Tronc Ve Wagon Crop

1100rwhp VE Commodore SS-V wagon

Glenn-john Tronc’s 1100hp VE street demon is HIS idea of the ultimate show-and-go wagon

7f86183e/tim martenstyn hk gts monaro bonnet up wm jpg

Blown LSX-powered HK GTS Monaro

A perfect finish and blown LSX376 grunt define Tim Martenstyn’s ultimate HK GTS

bfc610d3/billy shelton sickest jpg

Billy Shelton's SICKEST VL cracks the sevens

Billy Shelton's VL Commodore is a show and go champion once more

83ed143a/phil rillotta lc torana main wm jpg

Phil Rillotta's Pro Street Holden LC Torana flashback

We throw back to Phil Rillotta’s legendary Pro Street 1 LC Torana

Street Machine Events Jude Wil Drew Vr Commodore Engine Bay
Drag Challenge

Stealth Mode: VR Commodore is not what it seems

Think this VR Commodore is rocking a good ol' five-o Holden donk? Think again...

Street Machine Events Summernats 35 Blown EH Wagon Survivor 6

Jake Willis's 6/71-blown, Chev six-powered EH

Jake's got 10-second dreams for his killer patina'd wagon

38f412c0/holden hq hqforu grille 2 wm jpg

Badge of Honour: The history of hot Holdens with bowties

Simon schools some young ’uns about a time when running a Chev badge on your Holden didn’t necessarily make you a wanker

336912f6/greg trapnell agrohq onroad jpg

The wild times of Greg Trapnell's AGROHQ

Greg Trapnell’s wild Drag Week conquering Holden HQ Monaro

d89b1572/brock clayton holden hz panel van 4 jpg

Holden HZ panel van in Milwaukee Young SMOTY

Brock Clayton's awesome HZ panel van combines new-school grunt with old school custom vanning style

d183155e/blake attard holden hj one tonner 4 jpeg

Holden HJ One Tonner in Milwaukee Young SMOTY

Blake Attard brings old-school steeze to the YSMOTY stage

8485144b/craig taylor hsv vz clubsport 6 jpg

Craig Taylor's Harrop-blown HSV VZ Clubsport

Craig Taylor has owned his R8 Clubsport for 10 years and after some custom mods, debuted his dream car at last year's Autofest in New Zealand

Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend 2022 Day 3 157
Drag Challenge

Turbo V6-powered VB Commodore cracks the eight-second zone

Josh Grant’s Drag Challenge-proven VB Commodore proves Ecotec V6s are no joke

Street Machine News Craig Mc Kenzie HR Ute 3
Show 'N' Shine

1FATHR: wild custom HR Holden ute ready for MotorEx

Craig McKenzie's take on the former Ditch Jones ute just keeps getting better

d33f9238/carolyn hayes lh torana wm jpg

Carolyn Hayes's 275NOS LH Torana

Carolyn Hayes sets out to build an eight-second Drag Challenge car and ends up with a Summernats Top 20 showstopper

34221732/taylah louise vk commodore front angle jpg

Taylah Louise's Holden 355-powered VK Commodore

We caught up with Taylah Louise and her plastic-powered VK Commodore at Summernats 35

7a13183c/mark bartyn hk holden kingswood bonnet up jpg

Mark Bartyn's 434-cube Holden HK Kingswood

Over seven years, young gun Mark Bartyn transfomed his HK Kingswood from relic to riot

fe7211b6/james ballantyne hq ute 6 jpg

Holdens of Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year 2023

A sample of some of the awesome submissions from the lion pride for our 2023 Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year

About Custom Holdens

Since Street Machine was founded in 1981, we've featured over 1500 customised Holdens from the very first 1948 FX to the final VFII Commodore.

These include some of the most iconic builds in history, starting with pioneering cars like John Zeigler's HJ ute and the infamous Invader 2001 panel van, through to game-changers such as Rex Webster's FJ and Ron Barclay's HQ ute.

We also always kept track of the fastest Holden street cars throughout the ages, from the early days of Geoff Paton's King Rat A9X, through to modern-day legends such as Quentin Feast's multiple Drag Challenge-winning Torana.

And while Holden has stopped making new cars, car builders from Australia, New Zealand and beyond keep finding new ways to modify them - and we'll do our best to bring you the latest and greatest examples each year.