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9c5d1804/2023 tesla model 3 and hyundai ioniq 6 group 9 jpg

Are there enough EV chargers in Australia? Here's your guide to availability & wait times

Public EV charging networks are growing, but there still aren’t enough today. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy an EV?

6f021b4f/ampol ampcharge mirvac ev charging hyundai ioniq 5 jpg

Ampol EV chargers head into the shops

Fuel giant Ampol will enter shopping centres for the first time with its AmpCharge electric vehicle network

6492137c/mercedes benz eqb australia 34 jpeg

Victoria EV tax rises for 2023-24, as EV rebate ends early

The state will increase its controversial EV and PHEV tax again, as it abolishes its EV rebate reportedly early.

c5730ab0/2023 kia niro review mike stevens 24 jpg

Chargefox pricing trial shows huge fluctuations in cost to users

The South Australian Government wants EV owners to charge during the day – but it’ll come at a cost if you can’t.

c6e00aac/chargefox lead jpg

Westpac offers free charging with EV loans

Big bank Westpac will offer free limited Chargefox charging with a new EV finance loan

c4060a91438/chargefox vic airport west jpg

NRMA to end free charging, Chargefox trialing overstay fees, WA getting more chargers

The public fast EV charging landscape is shifting in Australia, with NRMA soon to end free charging and Chargefox initiating a trial of idling fees.

a5d60957/2023 byd atto 3 long range coty suv bru low res 328 jpg

BYD, Polestar respond: Stock boosted for Victorians to beat EV rebate deadline

With Victoria’s EV rebate ending soon, some car brands are responding by pushing more stock so buyers can qualify for the handout before it expires

b75609b1496/porsche taycan turbo driving jpg

Luxury Car Tax (LCT) could be cut for EVs under EU trade deal

European-made EVs could become more attainable as the government considers lifting or exempting the controversial LCT.

62771b92/gm tesla supercharger cadillac tesla supercharger jpg

Ford & GM switching to Tesla NACS EV chargers in North America

The landmark move will see the first non-Tesla car manufacturer integrate with its Supercharging network

NSW Motorists Regain Speeding Leeway speed camera sign

Can you check if you've been snapped by a speed camera?

You've just experienced that sinking feeling that you may have fallen foul of a speed camera. Is there a way to see if you'll actually be fined?

b0f20975110/ev charging sign 1 jpg

Queensland Electric Super Highway to almost double by 2025

The state government-backed EV charging network will further expand in the next two years.

cc000aae/2023 mercedes benz ev charging network charge ev 1 jpg

EV Council calls for massive leap in charger reliability, upkeep and locations in new report

The lobby group has called for Australia’s public EV charging infrastructure to have more ‘redundancy’ and maintenance measures akin to a supermarket or petrol station.

21b18172/tesla model y kia ev6 twin test 22 jpg

Which electric cars are exempt from the Luxury Car Tax?

The contentious LCT continues to shadow new car buyers, so here’s every EV that’s protected from it.

Wheels Reviews 2022 Kia EV 6 Vs Polestar 2 Vs Hyundai Ioniq 5 Australia Static 1 C Brunelli

Luxury Car Tax (LCT) threshold increased for 2022-23

LCT threshold requirements have been lifted again for another financial year

car charging

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

Buying an electric car isn’t exactly ‘affordable’ for many, but for the most part, they're cheaper to run. We break down charging costs in this guide

b1340955/2023 kia niro review mike stevens 1 jpg

EV charging stations to link regional Australia in $100m project

A nationwide link of fast EV chargers will roll out by 2025 covering rural and regional Australia

c73c0a2c/queensland digital licence png

Victoria to adopt digital drivers licence in 2024

VIC to join QLD, NSW and SA with regional trial from July

b72e09cb264/car finance main jpg

Queensland doubles EV rebate to further lower price barrier

Nine months after Queensland’s EV incentives were introduced, the policy has now been revised by doubling the subsidy for select households with more models eligible


What electric vehicle incentives are on offer in Australia?

With more EVs being introduced into the market, what are governments offering to increase uptake among private buyers?

bc0a0a0d/fuel price ow jpg

Australia commits to fuel efficiency standards: Details & industry response

The government’s latest consultation paper confirms a new vehicle carbon emissions mandate will be legislated, but time’s still needed

cf180a79/electric jpg

EVs would benefit regional Australians most, report claims

A new report highlights long-distance travelling regional Australian drivers can save billions in fuel costs by going electric, but emissions standards are needed

a8f9092a/emsisisons jpg

US EPA proposes strict emissions rules in EV push

The proposed US mandate pushes for electric cars and could save the economy more than A$1.5 trillion – if passed

17c725c6/lake macquarie council new council car park solar array and electric vehicles jpg

Australian fuel efficiency standards: 120 city leaders call for strong action

Australian council-elected representatives have signed a petition to urge the federal government to boost the local EV market

Audi Australia Origin Energy EV Energy Plan E Tron 1

Audi plugs into Origin Energy for E-Tron owners

Leading energy provider seeking to promote EV ownership with the dangling carrot of savings at the charger