FJ Cruiser fitted with Front Runner accessories

Front Runner roof rack and accessories offer much more than just a place to store a swag

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Something I’m over the moon about with the Front Runner roof rack I recently installed on my Toyota FJ Cruiser, is just how many accessories there are available to suit the rack.

I’m not just talking about tie down points, which are still great to have, no I’m going way further than that. This Front Runner gear carries my swag and occasionally a kayak, is responsible for my shelter thanks to the Front Runner awning mounts that bolted up perfectly to my Darche 2.5 x 2.5m awning and I’ve also fitted up a 40-inch LED light bar on the front of the roof rack using a pair of Front Runner mounts.

Those who have driven an FJ Cruiser will know how rubbish the factory headlights are, so additional lighting was mandatory.

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It doesn’t end there, I also selected the Front Runner stainless steel Prep Table, which is not only one of the highest quality camp tables I’ve ever used, it slides underneath the roof rack for storage making use of otherwise completely wasted space. Front Runner now also takes care of my cooking duties, thanks to the slick looking spare tyre BBQ plate I christened on a recent trip to Pebbly Beach on the NSW Mid-North Coast.

You can see where I’m going with this right? One of my main deciding factors for choosing Front Runner was because of how many problems their products solved for my camping setup. And naturally, the swag is easy to chuck up on the roof and secure down, with Stratchits – a unique bungy/ratchet strap designed to make securing items quicker and easier… I can confirm they do both of these things and buy a few more of these in the near future.

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I’ve also selected mounts to mount my recovery boards on the roof rack, which work with both Treds and Maxtrax boards, as well as a shovel holder that doubles as a beaut place to secure my kayak paddle. My latest addition is an axe holder, after I was sick of storing my axe inside the vehicle – this will be getting installed this weekend, and I’ll report back on how it’s holding up.

One other accessory I have my eye on and will grab next pay day, is the rear spare wheel step – this will provide easier access to the roof as well as act as the ratchet strap to secure the BBQ plate to my rear wheel – again, making use of wasted space; and I must say it’s a talking point anytime I stop to fuel up.

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Now, much like choosing a favourite child, it’s not really fair to select a favourite accessory on the FJ Cruiser. But I will, because we all know there’s always a favourite child. For me, the rear wheel BBQ plate and the slide out prep table are (wait for it) absolute game changers.

When you are poor in space like I am with the FJ, having these two important albeit bulky items tucked away in places I’ll never use has changed the way I camp. And the quality is top notch. Just be aware, you will find yourself addicted to the Front Runner website, looking through the insane range of accessories they have on offer.

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All in all, I’m wrapped with the decision to install a Front Runner roof rack and a select range of accessories. They make camping trips easier, and I feel now that most of my touring needs are met, it’s time to play with suspension and upgraded tyres.

Any negatives? Just one, but it will be easy to fix. The way I’ve mounted the LED light bar on the roof causes it to whistle since I removed the supplied wind deflector. Thankfully, Front Runner provides two mounting options for the LED light bar, so I’ll move it up higher on the rack, and refit the wind deflector. This should take all of five minutes, and job done.


There are too many products to list, do yourself a favour and check out the Front Runner website, which has all pricing listed. Be warned, it’s addictive.

Available from: www.frontrunneroutfitters.com


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