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8fc90fab/250 crossflow xp ute jpg

Mark Blekic’s EFI 250-powered XP ute

A lesson in subtle car craft, by a genuine Ford master

2c9416ce/wiremu searancke chevy impala reader 3 jpg

Readers' Rockets: '64 Impala, Ford Escort + XD Falcon, HZ ute, FE panel van + more

We check out some of our readers' rides from the May issue of Street Machine

303312da/trent walke vl grudge kings jpg

427ci twin-turbo VL: WALKE

First-time drag racer Trent Blainey runs eights on debut in his wild, 1800hp Walkinshaw replica

c1c0153f/nick samuel vl calais bonnet up wm jpg

1000hp Harrop-blown 440ci VL Calais

Nick Samuel threw lashings of gorgeous Candy Raspberry paint and 1000hp of blown LS grunt at his genuine VL Calais. This is the result

97221467/mitchell jorgy xp falcon build 1 jpeg

Readers' project cars in the build

We check out some of our readers' works in progress from the May issue of Street Machine

7eb61b31/brett hewerdine ford spinner bad49 front angle 2 wm jpg

Blown big-block 1949 Ford single-spinner 1BAD49

Brett Hewerdine is back with another epic streeter, this time a 1949 ‘shoebox’ Ford packing a blown big-block and Elite-level detailing

83720f9f/tyre tech drag slick jpg

Tyres 101: What you need to know

Everything you need to know about the most important part of your car

74d317d4/mike roycroft vj valiant front angle 2 wm jpg

Blown Indy Maxx Hemi-powered VJ Valiant Ranger

You might remember this VJ Valiant from Summernats 25, where it blew up in spectacular fashion. Now it's back, bigger and better than ever!

021d11e8/chev c10 pickup the driver png

The Driver (1978): Ripper Car Movies

Fast-paced, high-impact, big-city car chases are all the better for the unusual inclusion of a Chevy C10 pick-up in the 1978 flick, The Driver

2a0512b7/chad atkinson xp build main JPG

Four-day XP Falcon wagon thrash build

An Easter long-weekend thrash by a bunch of good mates brings a languishing project to fruition

8705185f/giovanni inturrisi lc torana bonnet up wm jpg

1TUFGM: RB30-powered LC Torana

A classic mid-sized Aussie muscle car stuffed full of stove-hot Japanese six-pot is a sure-fire recipe for a good time

ea8b11b1/greatest supercars ever jpg

The Greatest Supercars Ever: 70 Years of Wheels

To make this list, a car needs to be the result of visionary thinking, outlandish design, and be worthy of a magazine poster

5941139f/the greatest hot hatches ever jpg

The Greatest Hot Hatches Ever: 70 Years of Wheels

France aced the formula and created a legend

Holden Eh 1 Jpg

Andy French's chopped EK Holden V8

Looking back on Andy Fenech's hard-hitting custom EK


Cobra (1986) - Ripper Car Movies

Sylvester Stallone starred as a bad-arse LA cop in the 1986 action flick Cobra, but the best bit about the film is his car - a sweet, chopped and nitrous-fed 1950 Mercury leadsled

93070fc1jTi/turbo lc torana gtr jpg

Turbo 202-powered LC GTR Torana

Jeremy Cullen's GTR Torana has had a turboed 202 for over 20 years, but now it's been dragged into the 21st century

d1ed157a/nissan interview alfonso albaisa 3 jpeg

Interview: Nissan's Alfonso Albaisa on the Ariya and the future of EV

At the recent Australian preview of Nissan's ambitious Ariya EV, we sat down with Nissan's Senior Vice president for Global Design, Alfonso Albaisa

66571394/the greatest small cars ever 2 jpg

The Greatest Small Cars Ever: 70 Years of Wheels

This lot proved that physical size has little to do with making a big impact

cb0214d8/warspeed harrop blown ls 388 cube 4 jpg

Harrop-blown 388-cube LS combo by Warspeed

Sam Ali charged Troy Worsley of Warspeed Industries to build a bomb-proof combo that could take all the hurt he could ever want to inflict

0dc819e1/young gun zach gallahar vk calais front angle 2 jpg

Young gun Zach Gallahar's VK Calais

16-year-old Zach Gallahar blew minds at Summernats 35 with his powerhouse VK Calais

death defying stunts

Ray's Hell: Classic Aussie muscle car stunts

Ray’s Hell and his cunning stunts

7e101822/adam smith mkf1 ford escort front angle wm jpg

Duratec-powered Restomod Mk1 Ford Escort

Adam Smith's Mk1 Escort has gone from tidy track car to neat streeter thanks to some modern mumbo

ec4d1197/ford falcon xc ute front jpg

Craig Lockhart’s XC Falcon ute

Laser-sharp metalwork and awesome attention to detail mark this as one of the best-bulit XCs ever

Repo Man movie review

Repo Man (1984) - Ripper Car Movies

"Only an asshole gets killed for a car"