Electric ute comparison: Ford F-150 Lightning v Rivian R1T v Ram 1500 REV v Radar RD6

Effortless torque, silent motoring and a large battery power source is the perfect formula for off-roading adventures. But, how do these key electric utes compare on paper?

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Electric utes are heating up (in a good way)

As one of Australia’s most in-demand segments, utes are common sight for equipment hauling, school runs and holiday road trips – but they're nonetheless a significant contributor of harmful exhaust fumes, yet the choice for those seeking an all-electric ute remains slim.

The Chinese-born LDV eT60 4x2 is the only new electric ute on sale from a manufacturer, with a high price tag, sub-par capabilities, and a limited features list.

In contrast, electric utes are gaining traction overseas from legacy and new automakers, particularly in the US – hailed for their effortless torque for off-roading, practicality, and low centre of gravity.

How do these key electric utes fare on paper and is there any chance of them coming Down Under amid impending fuel efficiency standards?

Note: Pricing and specifications in this story are converted from overseas figures.



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Based on direct pricing conversions, the Chinese-born Radar RD6 is the cheapest electric ute by far – even undercutting most combustion engine powered utes today – given it’s only a two-wheel drive ‘lifestyle’ pickup similar to the Hyundai Santa Cruz or Ford Maverick overseas.

While pricing hasn’t been announced for the Ram 1500 REV, expect it to be well into six-figures in line with the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T.

Unlike the traditional carmakers, Rivian allows buyers to pick-and-choose between different electric drivetrain and battery pack configurations, instead of preset model grades.

Most variants of the electric Ford ute, including the Pro, XLT and Lariat, come with a Standard Battery (prices listed below), but can be optioned with an Extended Range battery.

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Ford F-150 LightningRivian R1TRam 1500 REVRadar RD6
Pro: ∼$89,000 (US$59,974)Base configuration: ∼$108,000 (US$73,000)*Tradesman: TBCSailing Edition: ∼$38,788 (178,800 RMB)
XLT: ∼$94,200 (US$63,474)Top configuration: ∼$145,800 (US$97,850)*Big Horn/Lone Star: TBCMaker Edition: ∼$43,126 (198,800 RMB)
Lariat: ∼AU$112,700 (US$75,974)Laramie: TBCEnjoyment Edition: ∼$49,634 (228,800 RMB)
Platinum: ∼$145,500 (US$98,074) Limited: TBCYeuno Edition: ∼$58,311 (268,800 RMB)
Tungsten: TBC

*Price depends on configuration options. Rivian R1T Adventure Dual-Motor AWD with Standard pack (base) and Adventure Performance Dual-Motor AWD with Max pack and All-Terrain Upgrade (top) listed.


The Rivian R1T has the advantage for power and torque outputs thanks to an optional four-motor drivetrain individually powering each wheel.

While the forthcoming Ram 1500 REV has respectable figures, it’s worth noting that the Stellantis-owned company didn’t state whether the specifications are limited to the top-spec Tungsten or across all trim grades and only disclosed ‘targeted’ numbers ahead of its launch.

The Ford F-150 Lightning falls short in power numbers, especially on the Standard Range battery, but outputs strong maximum torque.

Unsurprisingly, the Geely-owned Radar RD6 electric ute is the outlier in this list since it’s designed to mainly be an urban runabout.

569b0da3/2024 ram 1500 rev 17 jpg
Ford F-150 LightningRivian R1TRam 1500 REVRadar RD6
PowerStandard Range: 337kWDual-Motor AWD: 447kW488kW*200kW
Extended Range: 427kWPerformance Dual-Motor AWD: 523kW
Quad-Motor AWD: 623kW
Torque1051NmDual-Motor AWD: 813Nm841Nm*384Nm
Performance Dual-Motor AWD: 949Nm
Quad-Motor AWD: 1231Nm
0-100km/h timeN/ADual-Motor AWD: 4.5 secs4.4 secs*Standard and medium battery: 7.3 secs
Performance Dual-Motor AWD: 3.5 secsLarge battery: 6.9 secs
Quad-Motor AWD: 3.0 secs
Drive type4x4 on-demand4x4 on-demand4x4 on-demand4x2 rear-wheel-drive

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Driving range

Electric driving range remains a key barrier to adoption, but these American carmakers are countering the inefficient, high and blocky design of the ute body style with gigantic battery sizes.

The Ram 1500 REV has a targeted range of up to 800 kilometres using its largest 229kWh battery pack.

For context...

The aerodynamic rear-wheel-driven Hyundai Ioniq 6 can deliver up to 614 kilometres of WLTP claimed range from ‘just’ a 74kWh usable pack.

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‘Smaller’ batteries, such as the Ford F-150 Lightning’s 98kWh usable unit, delivers less range – but it’s still suitable for commercial operations that have fixed pre-planned driving routes and distances everyday.

On the other hand, the Chinese-made Radar RD6 lifestyle ute is more akin to electric passenger cars using a longer lifecycle lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) chemistry as standard, with larger packs adopting the more energy-dense nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) type.

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*Based on EPA testing

**Estimated EPA numbers only. Range depends on the battery pack configuration.

***Targeted EPA figures only

****Based on unrealistic CLTC testing cycle

Ford F-150 LightningRivian R1TRam 1500 REVRadar RD6
Range (claimed)Std Range: 370km*Dual-Motor AWD: 435-644km**Standard battery: 560km***Standard battery: 399km
Ext Range: 483-515km*Performance Dual-Motor AWD: 563-644km**Large battery: 800km***Medium battery: 549km
Quad-Motor AWD: 528km**Large battery: 631km
Battery size (usable)Std Range: 98kWhStandard pack: 105kWhStandard Range: 168kWhStandard battery: 60kWh
Ext Range: 131kWhLarge pack: 135kWhExtended Range: 229kWhMedium battery: 86kWh
Max pack: 180kWhLarge battery: 100kWh


b25209eb/geely radar r6 7 jpg
The Radar RD6

The Ford F-150 Lighting is based on the best-selling 14th generation internal combustion engine passenger truck with a body-on-frame chassis, whereas the Ram 1500 REV uses a dedicated body-on-frame EV platform.

In contrast, the Rivian R1T and Radar RD6 adopt more passenger car-like unibody EV underpinnings.

The Ford is the biggest electric ute in this comparison, but EV startup Rivian can afford better off-roading abilities due to an adjustable air suspension system.

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Ford F-150 LightningRivian R1TRam 1500 REVRadar RD6
Ground clearance213mm378mm (max air suspension height)213mm180mm
Approach angle24.4-degrees35.5-degreesTBC-
Brakeover angle-26.4-degreesTBC-
Departure angle23.6-degrees30-degreesTBC-
Wading depth610mm914mm+600mm-


The Ram 1500 REV offers the best maximum towing capabilities and payload in this comparison.

In contrast, the Radar RD6 has poor payload on all three battery sizes.

No manufacturer disclosed unbraked towing ratings.

bbd609ec/2023 f 150 lightning xlt tow 01 jpg


Keep in mind that overseas tests and some manufacturers have noted owners should expect a driving range decrease of up to 50 per cent when hauling a maximum load.

Ford F-150 LightningRivian R1TRam 1500 REVRadar RD6
Braked towingStd Range: 2268-3493kg4990kg6350kg2500kg
Ext Range: 3493-4536kg
Unbraked towing----
PayloadStd Range: 1014kg798kg1225kgStandard and medium battery: 430kg
Ext Range: 885kgLarge battery: 400kg

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Cargo space

Naturally, the largest Ford F-150 Lightning boasts the biggest bed with a large electrically operated ‘frunk’ (front storage space), despite being based on a traditional combustion engine platform.

Rivian doesn’t detail the R1T’s tray capacity in litres, but is dimensionally smaller than both the F-150 EV and even the Radar RD6 as it prioritises interior space. Its tailgate can drop down to extend the cargo length, though.

All four electric utes feature sizable weather-protected frunks, with the Rivian gaining a see-through tunnel beside the rear wheel axles to hide long items.

ac27096b/rivian r1t 49 1 jpg
Ford F-150 LightningRivian R1TRam 1500 REVRadar RD6
Tray dimensions (length x width x height)1704 x 1285 x 544mm1374 (2131mm with tailgate down) x 1298 x 465mmTBC1525 x 1450 x 540mm
Tray capacity1495-litres-TBC1200-litres
Front boot (frunk) capacity399-litres314-litres424-litres70-litres
Electric frunkYesYesYesNo
Load-through folding rear seatsNo – rear seat under storageNo – 331-litre Gear Tunnel and expandable tray via open tailgateNoNo – 48-litre rear seat under storage

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All electric utes are capable of vehicle-to-load (V2L) to act as a mobile power station for powering tools and devices via a bevy of outlets at the tray or frunk.

Only the Ford and Ram boast vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) which, when connected to a compatible bidirectional charging station, can discharge their large battery packs when not in use to power homes and stabilise the electricity grid to ultimately help owners go off-grid.

567c0d9d/2024 ram 1500 rev 16 jpg

All models at least have an 11kW AC onboard charger, with the F-150 Lightning Extended Range battery benefiting from an upgraded 19.2kW AC unit.

The Ram 1500 REV has the fastest rated 350kW maximum DC charging capability, with a higher level 800-volt class battery architecture theoretically enabling ultra-rapid charging times and cooler charging thermals (thanks to lower current).

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Ford F-150 LightningRivian R1TRam 1500 REVRadar RD6
Max AC slow charge rateStd Range: 11.3kW11.5kWTBC11kW
Ext Range: 19.2kW
Max DC fast charge rateStd Range: 120kW200kW350kW120kW
Ext Range: 155kW
Bidirectional chargingYes – V2L/V2H/V2G compatibleYes – V2LYes – V2L/V2H/V2GYes – V2L


Ford F-150 Lightning key features
12.0- or 15.5-inch portrait touchscreen with over-the-air updatable Ford Sync 4 softwareFull width LED head- and tail-lights
Wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android AutoEight- or 18-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio
12-inch driver instrument displayElectronically retracting gear shifter stick
18, 20 and 22-inch alloy wheels8x 2.4kW (Std Range) or 10x 9.6kW (Ext Range) Pro Power Onboard V2L plugs
Tailgate step and work surfaceHeated, ventilated, massaging front seats
c5760ad3/ford f 150 lightning pro front jpg
Rivian R1T key features
15.6-inch horizontal touchscreen with over-the-air software update capabilityFull width LED front daytime running light with charging status indicator
12.3-inch driver instrument displayGear Guard dashcam recording function
20-22-inch road or all-terrain alloy wheelsPet Comfort, Kneel Mode, and Camp Mode features
Animal-free leather interiorBuilt-in air compressor, 4x 120-volt outlets, 100-lumen Rivian Torch
Hidden Gear Tunnel storage areaAir suspension
bdcd09ec/rivian r1t 11 jpg
Ram 1500 REV key features
14.5-inch portrait touchscreen with Stellantis’s Uconnect 5 softwareHead-up display
12.3-inch driver instrument display23-speaker Klipsch Reference Premiere audio
Optional 10.25-inch passenger touchscreen with HDMI input2x 7.2kW tub and 1x 3.6kW frunk power outlets
20-22-inch alloy wheelsAvailable camera-based rear-view mirror
24-way electrically adjustable front seats with memory and massageFour-corner active air suspension with adaptive dampers
4afa0d6f/2024 ram 1500 rev 9 jpg
Radar RD6 key features
12.3-inch horizontal touchscreen with Galaxy Operating System Smart Ecosystem72-colour interior ambient lighting
12.3-inch driver instrument displayAdaptive matrix LED headlights
9.0-inch head-up display2x 16-amp, 2x 10-amp, and 2x 12-volt V2L power outlets
17-inch alloy wheels55-inch panoramic sunroof
Flat-bottom leather steering wheelFaux skid plate
c3ec0a7b/geely radar r6 8 jpg


All four electric utes include most active safety assistance technologies, such as auto emergency braking (AEB), blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic assist.

On the Ford F-150 Lightning, adaptive cruise control, lane centring assist, speed sign recognition, evasive steering assist, and AEB with intersection detection are standard or optional on higher trim grades.

c3b50a88/ford f 150 lightning pro interior jpg

Similarly, the Radar RD6 only features adaptive cruise control and a 360-degree camera on higher-end variants.

None of the three American electric utes have been tested by the US government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), but only the Rivian R1T has earned the highest 2023 Top Safety Pick+ award from the nonprofit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

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The Ford F-150 Lightning remains off the cards for Australia. But, the possibility is there since the petrol-guzzling F-150 twin will land in Australia this year with a right-hand drive conversion done in Melbourne. It’ll also go global to Norway soon.

Meanwhile, the smaller Ford Ranger-sized Rivian R1T could come Down Under in the future, with the startup’s business plans previously outlining Australia for a potential global rollout. It brought two examples here in 2021 for climate testing, but don’t expect it to come anytime soon as it establishes itself in the US first.

56280d98/2024 ram 1500 rev 21 jpg

The Ram 1500 REV is looking most likely for Australia, with the current V8 petrol-powered Ram 1500 dominating the American ute sales charts locally and a right-hand drive conversion facility (via the Walkinshaw Group) recently expanding in Melbourne.

There’s even a possibility for the Radar RD6 to be imported to Australia via Geely-owned counterpart Volvo Australia – but nothing is firm yet.

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