EGR RollTrac E3 Electric roller cover out now

The RollTrac E3 is the ultimate accessory for your vehicle

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When it comes to electric roller covers, the RollTrac E3 Electric reigns supreme.

Leading off with Ford RA Ranger and 2023 Amarok, these E3 roller covers are packed with incredible features and unparalleled performance, making this product an essential addition to your vehicle.

With its factory key operation, you can effortlessly open and close the cover using your car key buttons. Plus, the in-cabin open and close options allow you to control the roller cover conveniently using your vehicle's door-lock buttons. These features ensure a seamless user experience.

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The RollTrac E3 Electric has undergone significant improvements including enhanced firmware and drive-pin durability. These advancements guarantee a smooth and reliable performance, giving you peace of mind while on the road.

Crafted with precision, the Australian-designed tonneau cover features robust aluminium slats finished with a black powder-coated exterior. Not only does it provide exceptional strength and durability, but it also adds a sleek and low-profile accessory to your vehicle's tub without compromising on quality.

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Put through extensive testing in the harshest environments - totaling more than 150,000 hours - the tub cover has been specifically engineered to keep your tub safe and dry, thanks to those impenetrable aluminium slats that lock in place. Plus, the roller cover includes large aperture drainage tubes in each corner, ensuring seamless water drainage.

On-board side rail controls allow the user to effortlessly open, close, or pause the cover at the touch of a button. When finished, the on-board ECU remote central locking system ensures the cover securely locks with your vehicle.

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The EGR RollTrac E3 Electric also features an in-built universal T-Rail system, so that accessories can be added on top of the cover. Whether you have pre-existing accessories or EGR-specific add-ons, this feature provides versatility and convenience.

The cover also comes standard with LED lighting, illuminating your tray and ensuring optimal visibility in any conditions.

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