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Drag Challenge

Everything you need to know about Street Machine Drag Challenge:

Everyone has an opinion on what constitutes a street car, and the quicker the cars get the more intense the argument becomes; how do you decide what’s street and what’s not?

So in 2014 we took a leaf out of Hot Rod’s book and created our own version of their iconic Drag Week – we call it Street Machine Drag Challenge. It’s the toughest test for street cars in the country.

Our next event is Drag Challenge 2023, 9 October to 14 October.

When is Drag Challenge 2023?

  • Oct 9 - Check in - The Bend Dragway
  • Oct 10 - Day 1 - The Bend Dragway
  • Oct 11 - Day 2 - Sunset Strip Mildura
  • Oct 12 - Day 3 - Heathcote Park Raceway
  • Oct 13 - Day 4 - South Coast Raceway
  • Oct 14 - Day 5 - The Bend Dragway

62770ec0/ricc pontonio vk JPG
Drag Challenge

7.56-second VK Commodore: LSFKNX

Riccardo Pontonio's 1600hp VK Commodore made a stonking debut at Drag Challenge 2019

3e500dd2/patrol v barra jpg
Drag Challenge

Drag Challenge GQ Patrol versus Barra-powered Datsun 1600

Joe Ordon has built what'll probably be the quickest street-driven Nissan Patrol in the world! And it has survived Drag Challenge Weekend

c5770a8c/au xr8 jpg
Drag Challenge

Gassed AU XR8 Falcon takes on Drag Challenge

Ji and Tim Ackland threw old-school, tunnel-rammed nitrous goodness into an AU Falcon streeter to tackle Drag Challenge

ce2e1498/drag challenge 2022 2023 1 aaron james jpg
Drag Challenge

Street Machine Drag Challenge 2023 is headed to The Bend!

This year's Drag Challenge will span South Australia and Victoria!

482312f3/drag challenge barra xf ute 3 jpg
Drag Challenge

XF Falcon sleeper cracks the eight-second zone

Shane Neumann turned his dad’s ute from an original stocker into a eight-second Barra-powered weapon

Street Machine Features Peter Nusser Xr Ute Front Angle 4
Drag Challenge

8-second Barra-powered XR Falcon ute

Peter Nusser's XR ute packs 1250 horses' worth of turbo-Barra hell, and it's headed straight for Drag Challenge

Street Machine Events Jude Wil Drew Vr Commodore Engine Bay
Drag Challenge

Stealth Mode: VR Commodore is not what it seems

Think this VR Commodore is rocking a good ol' five-o Holden donk? Think again...

dbe01019/drag challenge 2022 2023 6 jpg
Drag Challenge

The epic tale of Drag Challenge 2022/23

After a three-year lay-off, the full five-day Drag Challenge finally returned, with nearly 140 entrants subjecting their cars to the ultimate drag-and-drive odyssey

Street Machine Events K 24 Toyota Celica 7
Drag Challenge

Video: 1000hp, seven-second K24-powered Toyota Celica

Brendon’s K24-swapped Celica runs low eights in the Tuff Mounts 235 tyre class at Drag Challenge 2022/3

Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend 2022 Day 3 157
Drag Challenge

Turbo V6-powered VB Commodore cracks the eight-second zone

Josh Grant’s Drag Challenge-proven VB Commodore proves Ecotec V6s are no joke

Street Machine Events Michael Ryder VN Drag Challenge 2022 8
Drag Challenge

Holden-powered VN SS wins GJ Drivelines Outlaw Aspirated at Drag Challenge

Michael Ryder dominated his class at DC22/23, bonnet disaster and all!

Street Machine Events Drag Challenge 2022 Donnie Zurcas Capri 3
Drag Challenge

Kool Wrap 235 Aspirated results at Drag Challenge 2022/23

Donnie Zurcas's Capri came out on top of a super-tight Kool Wrap 235 Aspirated class at Drag Challenge 2022/23 ahead of another Capri and VF Valiant

Street Machine Events Chris Kaarsberg Street Outlaws 1
Drag Challenge

Chris Kaarsberg’s LX Torana wins at Street Outlaws Queensland

Drag Challenge veteran chalks up a rare win for Australia against the touring Street Outlaws crew

Street Machine Events Ryan O Donohue Barra F 100 2
Drag Challenge

Video: Eight-second Barra turbo F100

Ryan O’Donohue’s flying brick dominated Speed Pro Six Cylinder at Drag Challenge 2022/23

Street Machine Events Drag Challenge 2 Jz Cressida 1
Drag Challenge

Speed Pro Six-Cylinder big hitters at Drag Challenge

Eight-second inline action galore!

Street Machine Events Darby Hamilton Barra LC Torana DC 2022 3
Drag Challenge

Video: Barra-swapped LC Torana takes on Drag Challenge

We follow the adventures of Tassie-based mates Darby Hamilton and Mark Whitla, as they put Darby's wild Barra-powered LC Torana to the test at Street Machine Drag Challenge 2022/23

Street Machine Events Warick Meldrum Barra Valiant 2023 3
Drag Challenge

Eight-second Barra-swapped VF Valiant

Warwick Meldrum has cracked the eight-second barrier in his controversial Val

Drag Challenge 2022 ZB Fairlane 25
Drag Challenge

Crusty budget-built ZB Fairlane at Drag Challenge

Dan Young and his mates cruised through DC in this sweet Windsor-powered barge

Street Machine Events Rod Jones 33 Ford Drag Challenge 2022 20
Drag Challenge

Rod Jones's '33 Ford runs 10s at Drag Challenge 2022/23

Rod achieved his 10-second dreams with a brace of PBs on DC

Street Machine Events Dominic Pelle LS Turbo Sigma Drag Challenge 2022 9
Drag Challenge

Rear-mount turbo LS Chrysler Sigma wins Tuff Mounts 235 blown

Like a lot of DC competitors, Dominic Pelle comes equipped with turbo LS power – except he’s chucked it in a 1978 Chrysler Sigma

Street Machine Events Nissan Skyline R 31 Silhouette 4
Drag Challenge

Turbo L98-powered R31 Nissan Skyline Silhouette at Drag Challenge 2022/23

Anthony Burns rebuilt the poor Borgy in his brutal R31 five times over DC

Street Machine Events F 100 Drag Challenge
Drag Challenge

Video: Drag Challenge 2022/23 day five

The shuddering climax of the long-awaited 2022/23 Drag Challenge event

Street Machine Events Harry Burnout Dc 3
Drag Challenge

Drag Challenge 2022/23 the winners!

The winners of an epic week of drag-and-drive action have been locked in!

Street Machine Torana Drag Challenge
Drag Challenge

Video: Drag Challenge Heathcote day four

Drag Challenge returns to Heathcote Park Raceway for some killer night racing