Donaldson reveals XLC200K filter kit for the LandCruiser 200 Series

Donaldson’s XLC200K delivers unprecedented engine protection against dust ingress for LandCruiser 200 Series owners

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Air intake systems play the critical role of providing clean air to your engine.

Sub-standard air filtration systems can result in increased fuel consumption, loss of power, excessive oil burn and premature engine damage.

Engineered specifically for diesel powered 200 Series Toyota LandCruiser vehicles, the robust XLC200K replacement air housing + filter kit incorporates the latest in air filtration technology and provides industry leading performance and engine protection.

Featuring genuine PowerCore® construction with Ultra-Web® media, Donaldson offers you the ultimate harsh environment air filter housing. The compact XLC200K air housing + filter kit includes a high efficiency element that does not compromise on dust holding capacity or negatively impact air flow through your vehicle’s cold air intake system.

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It's what's inside that counts: Ultra-Web® fine fibers have sub-micron diameters and small inter-fiber spaces, which result in more contaminant being captured on the surface of the media, promoting lower restriction and long filter life.

PowerCore® filters feature a unique corrugated design which creates a straight-through air-flow path to trap dust in the flutes on the dirty side of the filter. This innovative design pushes air through to the adjacent flutes on the clean side, delivering clean air to your engine.

Ultra-Web® fine fibres are sub-micron in diameter overlaid on a cellulose substrate. The small inter-fibre spaces provide a high initial efficiency, loading engine damaging contaminants on the media surface.

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The proof is in the performance: Donaldson PowerCore 4x4 Air Filters outperform the OE

With 3x more effective filtration area than the OEM panel filter, PowerCore® 4x4 delivers more than 30% lower initial restriction at the same airflows, allowing your engine to breathe easy while keeping contaminants out. Using ISO5011 test standard, Donaldson PowerCore® 4x4 filters also delivered 99.99% efficiency, compared to 99.87% efficiency for OEM panel filters resulting in significantly more engine protection.

The science is complicated but the benefits to your vehicle are simple: low initial and on-going restriction, long element life and maximum engine protection.

Whether your 200 series is used for the hardest work or the most adventurous play, the Australian designed quality, high performance filtration included in Donaldson’s XLC200K kit provides the protection you have always demanded. XLC200K is a complete kit which contains a PowerCore® 4x4 Air Cleaner Housing, PowerCore® 4x4 Air Filter, Fastener Kit and Mounting Brackets.

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