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Modified engines are the lifeblood of our sport and we love to showcase the most powerful, beautiful and inventive examples each year.

While V8s are a major focus, we cover almost anything of interest, including vintage engines such as the Ford flathead, late-model Japanese sixes and even Mazda rotary engines!

Street Machine Ford Windsor V 8
cb0214d8/warspeed harrop blown ls 388 cube 4 jpg

Harrop-blown 388-cube LS combo by Warspeed

Sam Ali charged Troy Worsley of Warspeed Industries to build a bomb-proof combo that could take all the hurt he could ever want to inflict

8b040f8e/ls1 front drive kit png

Australian-made LS accessory drive solutions that work

The team at Queensland workshop Heavy Metal Garage is designing and building LS accessory drive solutions that look great and fit like a charm

a7b8100a/blown e85 engine crop jpg

BG Engines 406-cube blown SBF combo

Here's an absolute belter of a mill for the Ford fans, out of the BG Engines stable

Arias 1422 Jpg

Arias-headed 365ci LS engine

This 480hp, Arias-headed LS was built by Kustom Bitz in Croydon, Victoria

04ce15ec/warspeed 388 cube twin turbo dart ls 4 jpg

Warspeed 388-cube twin-turbo Dart LS combo

Troy Worsley of Warspeed Industries built this beefy 388-cube twin-turbo Dart LS for a customer's drag 'n' drive VC Commodore

Street Machine Features Proflo Performance 526 Bbc Engine 2

Proflo Performance-build 526ci big-block Chev combo

This big-block beauty pieced together by ProFlo Performance is expected to make north of 1200hp and is destined for a customer's HK Monaro street/Powercruise car

Street Machine Features Engine Building 28

How to rebuild your engine

Grenaded your motor? This is how you rebuild it

Street Machine Features Knights Engines Holden V 8 3

Knight Engines-built 383ci Holden V8 combo

Holden V8 guru Tony Knight pieced together this 383ci combo for a customer and it's an absolute screamer

Street Machine Features Chev Engine Main 2

Dandy Engines 634-cube big-block Chev combo

Keith Hards charged Dandy Engines with the task of building an engine to take out the radial aspirated class at Drag Challenge, and this 634 is the result

Street Machine TV Carnage 2 JZ VV Ti Teardown 14

Video: Building a budget 2JZ – part one

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty begins building a new heart for the Trolvo

Archive Streetmachine 2017 10 13 Misc LX Torana Build Chev 4 Nw

Summernats 35 preview: Carolyn Hayes's 275NOS Torana

Look out for this slick Drag Challenge build at Street Machine Summernats 35

Street Machine Features Sr Engines Windsor 2

Gurney Eagle-headed 372ci Windsor with GT40 history

This rare and historic race engine is destined for a pro street XR Falcon currently being pieced together for its unveiling at Summernats 35

Street Machine Hurricrate 2

Mopar HurriCrate twin-turbo six announced

Team Chrysler pulls the cover off a 3.0-litre, twin-turbo inline-six crate motor

Street Machine Features Blown 355 Holden V 8 Mill 7

Westend Performance-built blown 355ci Holden V8

This polished and gold painted beauty was built by Westend Performance for Andrew ‘Macca’ Mcallister’s HT Kingswood cruiser

Street Machine Features Blown Holden 202 002

4/71 blown EFI Holden 202

Everyone knows that if you want a load of power on the cheap, the tried-and-true Barra or LS is probably the best way to go – but where’s the fun in that?

Street Machine Features Bg Engines Warhawk Engine 2 Crop

BG Engines-built blown 389-cube Warhawk LS combo

Damian Baker of BG Engines is a big fan of World Products’ Warhawk LS7X block, which he’s used as the basis for the blown 389-cube head-kicker you see here

Billet 202 Main Jpg

Wild billet block Holden 202

Want to know how to make over 400hp at the tyres with a naturally aspirated Holden six?

Street Machine Features Charlie Sant Ls Engine 2

Turbocharged 406ci LS combo - Mill of the Month

This stonking turbocharged LS combo is destined for Charlie Sant's next project, a HSV-styled VN Commodore

Street Machine Features Blacktrack Barra Engine 15

Proboost turbocharged 3.8-litre Ford Barra

This blacked-out monster from Newcastle’s Blacktrack Performance will make all the numbers thanks to a nuclear-tough package

engine id guide

Engine ID guide - Ford, Holden, Chrysler & Chevrolet

An easy guide to spotting classic street machine engines

Street Machine Features Warspeed 383 Ci Stroker Ls 1 1

Warspeed 383ci stroker Gen III LS1

Warspeed Industries is preparing this individual-throttlebody stroker for a tough LX hatch street car

Street Machine Features Billet Block 1

Tech: Billet blocks - what makes them so special?

As new billet blocks for the Holden V8, Barra six and Cleveland V8 hit the market, we take a dive into what makes them special

Street Machine TV Trolvo 22 2 Thumb

Video: The 1JZ-swapped Trolvo gets a new turbo!

In this episode of Carnage, we fit a new hairdryer to the Trolvo in the pursuit of nines!

Street Machine Features Dart Block Windsor Mill 1

Cam Waters is having a Supercars-bred Windsor built for his XB coupe

Here's what happens when a professional Supercars racer commissions an ex-Supercars and Nascar engineer to build a ball-tearing mill for his street machine