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Mopar or no car! If you live by these words, then check out our library of incredible Chrysler content that dates back 40 years.

74d317d4/mike roycroft vj valiant front angle 2 wm jpg

Blown Indy Maxx Hemi-powered VJ Valiant Ranger

You might remember this VJ Valiant from Summernats 25, where it blew up in spectacular fashion. Now it's back, bigger and better than ever!

4c5b1725/john faraone valiant charger j13 main wm jpg

John Faraone's monster Valiant R/T Charger

Meet John Faraone's 1975 Valiant R/T Charger, a 2500hp twin-turbo beast

9d00147a/cassie rhodes e55 charger main wm jpg

Supercharged 1973 Valiant Charger E55

What kind of person stuffs a blown alky 408 into a genuine E55? An absolute genius!

1f05129a/valiant safari wagon front jpg

Gen III Hemi-powered 1965 AP6 Valiant Safari wagon

This Valiant AP6 Safari wagon wraps a modern 5.7-litre Hemi in classic old-school clothing

valiant vh pacer 1 nw

What if Chrylser built a VH Valiant Pacer R/T hardtop?

Scott Kelly has built the hardtop muscle car that Valiant never did - but should have

59b612e7/chryslers on the murray 2023 4 JPG

Chryslers On The Murray 2023

Chryslers On The Murray returned to Albury-Wodonga in March, celebrating the 30th running of Australia's largest Mopar show

Street Machine Events Warick Meldrum Barra Valiant 2023 3
Drag Challenge

Eight-second Barra-swapped VF Valiant

Warwick Meldrum has cracked the eight-second barrier in his controversial Val

Street Machine Events Dominic Pelle LS Turbo Sigma Drag Challenge 2022 9
Drag Challenge

Rear-mount turbo LS Chrysler Sigma wins Tuff Mounts 235 blown

Like a lot of DC competitors, Dominic Pelle comes equipped with turbo LS power – except he’s chucked it in a 1978 Chrysler Sigma

Street Machine Features Kaine Fiorenza Vf Valiant Front Angle 2

500-cube big-block VF Valiant hardtop

Kaine Fiorenza's love of Valiant hardtops began as a 12-year-old, now he's got three of them, including this Drag Challenge-bound big-block VF

Big block-powered VE Valiant

Big Block VE Valiant war wagon - video

Graeme's VE Valiant wagon is a big block-powered 11-second road warrior

Street Machine News 1996 HSV VS GTSR 2 7

Auction watch: VS GTS-R, XB GT coupe, HDT VH Group 3 and more!

Christmas has come early at Seven82Motors December online auction


440ci VG Valiant Mexicana hardtop

Dino Donatelli's super-rare 1971 Chrysler VG Valiant Mexicana hardtop

Street Machine Features Phillip Hortis Vg Valiant 3

Injected Hemi six-powered VG Valiant

Packing an angry injected Hemi six, this VG Valiant sedan is equal parts show car and street-and-strip fighter - as proven on Drag Challenge Weekend 2022

Street Machine TV VE Valiant Ute Carnage 15

Video: Getting Dad’s Ute ready to road-trip!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty puts the finishing touches on his dad’s VE Valiant ute to get it ready for some big miles

Street Machine Features Dart Attack Gasser 1

Garth Bell's Dart Attack gasser

Garth Bell has held a lifelong passion for early 60s Factory Experimental Funny Cars so he decided to build his own

engine id guide

Engine ID guide - Ford, Holden, Chrysler & Chevrolet

An easy guide to spotting classic street machine engines

Street Machine Features Steve Santos AP 5 Valiant Front Angle Crop

Steve Santos's turbo slant-powered AP5 Valiant

Steve Santos smashed out this gorgeous AP5 Valiant in only four months as a 70th-birthday present for his dad

Street Machine Features Hemi 265 006

420hp EFI 265 Hemi six

Peter Haravitsidis built this hot Mopar Hemi six for a friend's VG sedan streeter

Street Machine Features Rob Evans Vj Valiant Main

Chopped 394-cube VJ Valiant hardtop

With its rev-happy 394-cube Mopar and fat stance, Rob Evans’s chopped VJ Valiant hardtop packs a spicy punch

Street Machine Features Tim Haddock Nj Ute Headlights

383-cube big-block VJ Valiant ute

Tim Haddock's VJ ute may look unassuming, but there's some serious gear lurking beneath its die-straight panels, including a torquey Chrysler big-block

Street Machine Features Tony Jones Cl Valiant Ute Front Angle

Tough CL Valiant ute ready for Drag Challenge

Tony Jones transforms his late dad's knackered CL Valiant ute into a zesty pro streeter

Street Machine Features Angelo Furfaro Vc Valiant Rear Angle

Twin-turbo NASCAR-powered 1967 Chrysler VC Valiant

Angelo Furfaro's twin-turbo NASCAR-powered VC Valiant is street elite perfection

Dave Evans VJ Hardtop

Flashback: Rob Evans’s VJ hardtop

The November issue of Street Machine features Rob Evans’s chop-top VJ Valiant hardtop. Here’s a look back at his previous ride, circa 1992


Gen III Hemi-swapped CL Charger

With all the modern bells and whistles of a 300C, Bert Pynappels's 1976 Valiant Charger CL proves that Mopar fans can play retrotech too

About Custom Chryslers

Mopar or no car! If you live by these words, then check out our library of incredible Chrysler content that dates back 40 years!

Aussie Valiants of course feature heavily, from the first R-Series right through to the last CM. We've got oodles of Chargers, Centuras, Regals and even a Galant or two.

And if you prefer your Pentastars the Seppo way, please explore our many features on Barracudas, Daytonas, Vipers, Challengers and much more.