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Are there enough EV chargers in Australia? Here's your guide to availability & wait times

Public EV charging networks are growing, but there still aren’t enough today. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy an EV?

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Is it time to buy an electric car? Crunching the numbers!

Is the tide turning for all-electric cars? We've crunched the numbers on how much you could save by making the switch.

Archive Whichcar 2019 04 24 Misc Rules Lead

10 Australian road rules you probably didn't know about

Are you the perfect driver? Probably not – so here's 10 road rules you might not have known about, and have probably broken

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How does car leasing work and should you do it?

Leasing a new car is becoming increasingly common and is an effective way to get into a car - but it’s not for everyone

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New Car or Used Car: Pros and Cons to Buying

We help you weigh up the pros and cons of buying a brand new car against buying a used car

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Electric car servicing explained: What do EVs cost to maintain?

Do electric cars need routine servicing? What does it include? Is it cheaper to maintain an EV than a petrol or diesel car? Find out in this handy guide.

2022 Genesis GV 70 Electric SUV 2210 Gen GV 70 42

In a hurry? These are the fastest-charging electric cars

Here’s the what’s-watt on electric vehicle battery capacity and charging times

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Safe driving these holidays: How to prepare for a road trip

Heading away over the Christmas and school holidays? Check this list and guide first, to make sure your trip is safe and enjoyable!

EV charging levels explained – GET Electric

EV Charging Explained: Home & Public Charging, Power & Plugs

Sponsored by GET Electric, this is a guide to charging your electric vehicle at home or on the road – including an explainer on plug types and charging levels

2022 Mazda CX 30 G 20 Pure SUV 41

Australian Road Rules: L- and P-plate restrictions by state and territory

How learner and provisional drivers are restricted on the road in each state and territory in Australia

Running Costs Petrol V Electric

Electric v Petrol: How much does it cost to charge an EV vs fuel a petrol car?

What are the running costs of an electric vehicle when compared to the internal combustion engined cars we've known for so long?

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Apple Vision Pro: Is it legal to drive when wearing VR or AR glasses?

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset might have you wondering if it is legal to use augmented reality devices when driving in Australia

2023 GWM ORA Hatch Blue Ev Electric 54

Australia’s best-value electric cars by driving range

Which new EVs give you the best value when it comes to how far they'll go? We break down the numbers.

EV Buyers Guide 65 K To 80 K 2022 Tesla Model Y 34

Are electric cars more expensive to insure?

Electric cars are cheaper to own over time, yet comprehensive insurance premiums are typically higher. We explain why, and break down the differences.

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What are the best baby-friendly cars?

Regardless of budget or size, here are the best cars you should be looking for if you’re expecting or have a young family

NSW Motorists Regain Speeding Leeway speed camera sign

Can you check if you've been snapped by a speed camera?

You've just experienced that sinking feeling that you may have fallen foul of a speed camera. Is there a way to see if you'll actually be fined?

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How sustainable are electric cars really?

The true environmental impact and sustainability of EVs continues to be questioned, so is it ‘greenwashing’? Here’s a comprehensive breakdown.

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EOFY Car Sales in Australia 2023: Deals from Mazda, Mitsubishi & more

Your complete guide to End of Financial Year car deals available in Australia in 2023, from drive-away deals to deposit contributions

ev charging plug types

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

It’s a common question: How long does it take to charge an EV? Find out in this handy guide

Wheels Reviews 2022 Tesla Model 3 Deep Blue Metallic Australia Static Front 1 S Rawlings

Australia's electric cars with the longest driving ranges

What range-anxiety? Here is a list all the EVs on sale in Australia and how far they are capable of taking you on a single charge

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The driving range of every electric car on sale in Australia

The ultimate list of every EV available in Australia and how far they claim to take you on a single charge.

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Which electric cars are exempt from the Luxury Car Tax?

The contentious LCT continues to shadow new car buyers, so here’s every EV that’s protected from it.

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When do EV batteries need to be replaced?

How long do electric car batteries really last? Spoiler: it’s much longer than many think.

139a1226/skoda crash test dummies 1 webp

Why are women under-represented in car safety tests?

Women make up more than half of Australian drivers, yet the crash test dummies don’t account for most of the female population