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182419b3/2023 jeep grand cherokee grand cherokee l ancap 03 jpg

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee falls short in ANCAP testing – for some variants

Plug-in hybrid and 7-seat Grand Cherokees score top marks in ANCAP testing, but 5-seat petrol variants penalised for seatbelt differences

b7a409aa/2023 ford ranger arb jpg

Recall roundup: Toyota, Jeep, Genesis, Mercedes, Ram, JLR, Ferrari & Ford

New recall notices have been issued for certain vehicles from Toyota, Jeep, Genesis, Mercedes-Benz, Ram, Jaguar Land Rover, Ferrari, and Ford

8fe91840/2022 land rover discovery sport ancap test 1 png

ANCAP: 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC, Land Rover Discovery Sport score 5-star safety rating

The two luxury medium SUVs have received full five-star safety ratings, but both showed weaknesses in some areas

Family Road Trip Roadtrip Adobe Stock 134753030 2

Safe driving these holidays: How to prepare for a road trip

Heading away over the Christmas and school holidays? Check this list and guide first, to make sure your trip is safe and enjoyable!

a15608bc/jeep grand cherokee 72 jpg

Recalls: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Genesis GV60, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

New recall notices have been issued for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Genesis GV60 and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

ba9409e6/midsize suv mega test 2023 kia sportage gt line edewar 221212 10 jpg

Recall: 2022-23 Kia Sportage, Seltos & Niro affected by seat belt warning fault

More than 7000 Kia vehicles have been called back due to a software issue that could cause the seat belt warning not to illuminate

aca60a08/28 2022 toyota corolla cross 0230 jpg

Recalls: Toyota Corolla Cross, Kia Carnival, AMG CLA 45, Peugeot & Citroen models

New recall notices have been issued for the Toyota Corolla Cross, Kia Carnival, Mercedes-AMG CLA 45, and some Peugeot and Citroen vehicles

b06a09be/baby seats install edewar 220728 2022 ute mega test 7229 jpg

What are the best baby-friendly cars?

Regardless of budget or size, here are the best cars you should be looking for if you’re expecting or have a young family

c30c09fe/opinion arrogance silent road safety killer jpg

TAC launches campaign urging car buyers to prioritise safety

A number of crashes involving older vehicles have seen the TAC urge buyers to consider newer, safer cars

a8230954/abrook 2022 chevrolet corvette c8 coupe blue 25 jpg

Recalls: MY22 Corvette exhaust defect, MY22-23 Civic Hybrid ECU fault

New recall notices have been issued for the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette and the 2022-23 Honda Civic Hybrid.

2c2419f0/ford driving skills for life 2023 night driving 7 jpg

Ford's free Driving Skills for Life is back, focused on night driving

As new data shows the grave risk to young drivers at night, Ford has geared its latest Driving Skills for Life program to driving after sunset.

139a1226/skoda crash test dummies 1 webp

Why are women under-represented in car safety tests?

Women make up more than half of Australian drivers, yet the crash test dummies don’t account for most of the female population

5f0717bd/photo mercedes benz eqe frontal offset a png

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE scores five-star ANCAP rating

Electric EQE passes ANCAP safety testing with flying colours

bce509dc/driver fatigue dont ignore the danger signs main jpg

Driving drowsy could be prosecuted with new blood tests

Boffins have been cooking up tests to identify how tired drivers are – and it could lead to prosecutions

ac2e147f/2023 volkswagen amarok ute ancap 02 png

2023 VW Amarok ute: Five-star ANCAP safety rating confirmed

Ford Ranger-based VW Amarok mirrors its five-star ANCAP rating with additional testing

Archive Whichcar 2016 08 04 6558 Man Driving Following Another Car

In a time of mindfulness, mindful driving is seldom mentioned

Here’s a thought: aussies need to shift their driving brains towards mindfulness, rather than mindlessness

ba8a09d1669/cluster of cars driving highway jpg

Easter 2023: 17 lives lost in deadly long weekend; more than 18,500 penalties

Australia’s police forces have urged drivers to think about their actions, following a tragic Easter long weekend

2023 Tesla Model Y Performance SUV Blue 2

Tesla Model 3 hacked within two minutes in 'hackathon' contest

A team of cybersecurity researchers have demonstrated two major system vulnerabilities in the tech-centric Tesla Model 3

Tesla FSD

Tesla: Musk overruled engineers on removing safety tech, former workers claim

Former Tesla employees allege a poor workplace culture and Musk leadership style has led to the development of ‘unreliable’ safety assist systems

2023 Cupra Born ANCAP Crash Test 04

2023 Cupra Born electric hatch scores five-star ANCAP safety rating

Ahead of its imminent on-sale date, the Cupra Born has been awarded top marks by ANCAP

2022 Tesla Model Y ANCAP 06

ANCAP: 'Only five-star cars should be eligible for EV incentives'

Electrifying can't come at the cost of safety, says ANCAP, as Government moves forward on Strategy plans

2022 Tesla Model Y Thomas Wielecki 30

Detaching Tesla Model Y steering wheel under investigation in the US

The US road safety authority has opened an investigation for a possible Model Y steering wheel, as the Nissan Aryia is recalled for a similar issue in the US

Midsize SUV Megatest Group 2023 CX 5 Forester Outlander Rav 4 Sportage Tiguan Tucson X Trail E Dewar 221212 13

7-Seaters: Cars for families with four kids – or more!

We explore which vehicles you can get for larger families with four or more children

Volkswagen Car Net App Subscription DB 2014 AU 01478 Large

US police forced to pay Volkswagen subscription to track stolen car

Illinois police needed to track the location of a stolen Volkswagen, but a representative insisted they needed to pay first