2024 Kia Cerato successor spied, global naming alignment likely

It looks like Kia isn't ready to bow out of the shrinking small sedan market, but what will this new 'Cerato' be called?

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A next-generation successor to the Kia Cerato has been spied testing in heavy camouflage, offering a first clear look at what to expect from the new small car.


  • New Cerato on the way, Australian launch likely
  • Sleek 'four-door coupe' styling
  • What will it be called? 🤔

These photos, posted to Korean website AutoSpy [↗], show the new model will take on a more sleek, coupe-like shape reminiscent of the larger Optima sedan that left Australia in 2020.

Click here to see more photos at AutoSpy.

e6571f92/2024 kia cerato kia forte kia k3 spy photos autospy cochespias 02 jpg
2024 Kia Cerato successor | Photo: AutoSpy.net

🥔 You say Cerato, I say…

What’s in a name?

Whether ‘the new Cerato’ will actually be named Cerato appears to be up for debate, with rumours suggesting Kia will look to unify the global identity of its small car.

Right now, the Cerato name is used in Australia, New Zealand, Russia and South America – but Kia’s home market of South Korea knows it as the K3, while in the massive North American market it has long worn the ‘Forte’ badge.

A subtly restyled version of the Cerato is sold in the UK as the Ceed, available with five-door hatch and wagon forms, along with the jacked-up XCeed and the sporty ProCeed – formerly a two-door coupe familiar to Aussies, now sold as a 'shooting brake' wagon-like version of the tapered five-door sold here as the Cerato hatch.

bfd809f1/2023 kia xceed facelift 08 jpg
Above: The Kia XCeed, a jacked-up and restyled version of the current Cerato, sold in Europe.

In a global sense, it’s a complicated line-up of badges and body styles.

But, just as Toyota did when it finally dropped the Euro-market Auris badge in favour of Corolla, or when Hyundai unified the i30 and Elantra badges (albeit only in Australia for now), it’s expected the Cerato’s successor will introduce globally aligned branding.

What that name will be is not yet known outside of Kia, but it seems likely we could expect the huge North American market to have more than a little influence over the decision.

Kia Forte for Australia, then? Maybe…

But, as reader Naomi notes in the comments below, the 'Forte' badge is already in Ford's custody, having previously been used as a Falcon variant.

And, as Ford learned when it tried to get the Edge badge from Toyota, brands can be fiercely protective of their badges...

When will the Kia Cerato’s replacement come to Australia?

Generally, when a new model is spied with its new body under heavy camouflage, a global unveiling could be anywhere from weeks to a few months away.

An Australian launch, then, is likely to occur in the next 12 to 18 months.


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