2024 Cupra Formentor, Leon and Ateca pricing: New tech added

Cupra has announced tech updates for its Formentor, Leon and Ateca with matching price rises of up to $2000

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Cupra has announced updates for the Formentor, Leon and Ateca due to arrive in September.


  • Cupra Formentor receives DAB+ digital radio, electric tailgate as standard
  • Leon VZe PHEV adds Beats audio option
  • Digital radio also added to Leon and Ateca

The Spanish performance brand has applied most changes to its top-selling Formentor midsize SUV – though all vehicles receive DAB+ digital radio as standard.

The 2024 Cupra Formentor will feature a standard-fit electric tailgate, and an optional titanium exhaust system added to the flagship VZx AWD.

The $6300 Akrapovic option matches the Ateca VZx, providing owners with a factory-backed exhaust upgrade for a beefier sound from the Volkswagen R-derived 228kW 2.0-litre turbo-petrol four.

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Cupra has introduced new option packs for the Formentor, with the Leather and Camera Package – priced at $2800 – replacing the previous Leather and Power option for the V AWD, VZ FWD and VZe FWD.

It retains the Nappa leather upholstery, heated front seats and power-adjustable driver's seat, while a 360-degree camera system replaces the now-standard hands-free electric tailgate.

Prices have increased between $1800 and $2000, ranging from $51,990 before on-roads for the entry-level Formentor V AWD to $65,790 for the flagship VZx AWD – the dearest Cupra sold in Australia.

The 2024 Cupra Leon hatch has received a Leather and Sound Package for the plug-in hybrid VZe – priced at $2550 – replacing the previous leather-only option, with an additional nine-speaker, 350-watt Beats audio system replacing the unbranded six-speaker audio system.

As with the Formentor, pricing for the Leon has increased, ranging from $1200 to $1700.

It means the Leon VZe – now priced at $61,690 plus on-roads, identical to the VZx – no longer matches the all-electric Born hatch, just months after Cupra slashed prices for the Leon VZe and VZx to $59,990 in January.

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There are no other changes for the Ateca VZx beyond the addition of DAB+ digital radio, with pricing up $1740 to $63,490 before on-road costs or $68,990 drive-away.

Local deliveries of the updated 2024 Cupra Formentor, Leon and Ateca are due to commence in September.

Cupra said customers interested in its current 2023 model-year vehicles can still find them in stock or arriving soon at existing prices.

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The brand is preparing to celebrate its first anniversary in Australia in July, with 2338 vehicles registered in 2022 and 2023 (to the end of May).

Cupra Australia claims it has sold “some 3000” vehicles – including yet-to-arrive orders – with electrified models accounting for one-third of the total.

2024 Cupra Formentor pricing

ModelPricing (RRP)Drive-away pricingChange
V AWD$51,990$56,490up $2000
VZ FWD$56,990$61,490up $2000
VZe FWD$64,990see belowup $2000
VZx AWD$65,790$70,790up $1800

2024 Cupra Formentor VZe PHEV drive-away pricing

Formentor VZeACT: $67,990, QLD: $68,990, NSW/SA: $69,990, VIC: $70,490, WA: 70,990

2024 Cupra Leon pricing

ModelPricing (RRP)Drive-away pricingChange
V$45,190$49,190up $1200
VZ$53,490$57,990up $1500
VZe$61,690see belowup $1700
VZx$61,690$65,690up $1700

2024 Cupra Leon VZe PHEV drive-away pricing

Leon VZeACT: $64,690, QLD: $65,690, NSW/SA: $66,690, VIC: $67,190, WA: $67,690
ae400998/2023 cupra ateca vzx suv grey 31 jpg

2024 Cupra Ateca pricing

ModelPricing (RRP)Drive-away pricingChange
VZx$63,490$68,990up $1740


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